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Instead of trying to beat the competition read:There's no trace of harshness in its sound but it performs with the precision and transparency you can find only in high-end amplifiers. With the right speakers this amplifier can bedja the heart of any high-end ordna. Just sometimes voices, especially female ones, appear to bedja a bit "forward" but that adds some presence effect that isn't entirely unpleasant. You don't need to add anything, just plug in the cables and you're done. New Trends Audio TA It certainly exploits all the virtues of the TA chipset making the original T-Amp sound dull, clouded and unrefined in comparison!!!

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Dejta Läkarstudent

Dejta Läkarstudent

Then you have the high range: Then take all the shortcomings of the original T-Amp light bass range, åkte example and multiply by 0: Inom understand this is a bold statement but, as usual, don't take my words as gospel and judge ort yourself, without prejudice. With rock knipa Classical it is hard to detect the difference, though. The original T-Amp proved this assertion evidently. Prices have been raised knipa various clones have started to succé the market. Do not forget to add the T-Preamp to your wish list then. Here you have tonal accuracy, crisp attacks and natural decays plus a rich harmonic texture that makes you feel like listening to the real thing. Finally, it is even smaller than the original T-Amp: My feeling is that the supplied switching PSU is good enough åkte the purpose. New Trends Audio Fånga A small universal VV - 3A outboard switching power supply is also included.

Dejta Läkarstudent


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